About Fiona Withey and Sweet Addiction


Sweet Addiction

Wedding Cakes, Celebration Cakes and Desserts
on The Coromandel and in Auckland

Sweet Addiction was borne from the sheer passion and delight of creating beautiful cakes.

Fiona Withey is an award winning gold medal pastry chef who has worked in some of Auckland's leading patisseries and cafés.

For her, the art of designing, then creating these cakes is a joy and, coupled with the use of top quality ingredients, will ensure you receive an exceptional product for your special day.

Fiona works closely with every client, helping to refine individual preferences and ensure cakes of distinction. It's this distinction that confirms Sweet Addiction really ARE connoisseurs of cakes.

Fiona will take you on a journey to create your ideal cake.

All our cakes are bespoke - we make them from scratch, designed to your exact requirements and are priced individually. Final pricing depends on the amount of detail and the design, and the number of serves required.  

To calculate your cake size requirements, click on this link: Cake Serving Guide